Contact Us

We can be contacted via:

  • Phone: 1-513-351-0422
  • Meeting: First Monday of every month @ 6:00PM at The 12
  • Mail: Wes L.
  • DCM Contact District 12: [Oji E 727-565-6316]
  • DCM Contact District 13: [Josh P 513-953-5618]

District Committees

Butler County Jail Meeting:

The Jail meeting is handeled by Dustin H. If you would like to inquire about participating in these meetings you may contact Dustin H..

Bridge the Gapp:

This program is established to provide a first contact between those who are unable at present to participate in regular AA meetings and provide contact and assistance in attending their first meeting to make introduction. If you have a need you may contact Adam A..

Treatment Facilities:

Meetings are taken into some of the local treatment centers. These are not open meetings. If you would like to become incolved with this committee contact Tyler H..