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Below are some links that may or may not be interesting to members of Alcoholics Anonymous. The posting of any links on this page DOES NOT constitute endorsement of the link by District 12 or 13, nor Alcoholics Anonymous as a whole. A.A. and District 12 and 13 have no opinion on these outside issues, and neither endorses nor opposes them in any fashion. These links are included solely for informational purposes, and their appearance here should be considered completely informational only.

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 AA World Services
Area 56 Website
 District 11 Website
Cincinnati Intergroup
Dayton Meetings
North of Dayton (TriArea) Website
Cincinnati Area Al-Anon Meetings
Narcotics Anonymous
Village Voice article, "AA Unmasked", by M.T.
Stepping Stones
Wilson House
Dr. Bobs Home
Archive Pictures